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54th International Art Exhibition

Let the black not be black any longer

June 2011. This year's Biennale venues are starting, and nurart-correspondent irm berner will write  from Venice while the biggest art-show is opening its doors:

in the Giardini with the national pavillons and 89 participants and first-time national participants like Saudi Arabia and Iraque. Fabrizio Plessi in the Venice Pavillon, and

the Arsenale with this year's curartor Bice Curiger's big iLLUMinations show and lots of artists

and all the collateral events around the lagune-city and palazzi. As well as educational activities and university projects.

So, stay with us!

"Licht ist ein klassisches Thema der Kunst", sagt Biennale-Kuratorin Bice Curiger. Also 'das' Thema für nurart. "Das könnte natürlich auch furchtbar langweilig, allzu klassisch und akademisch sein", überlegte sie in einem standard-Interview. "Da fiel mir ein, Licht mit Nationen zu verbinden. So kriegt es einen anderen Dreh. "Illuminations": ein Wort, ein Konzept, das viele Ebenen hat - und tragfähig ist."

First time invited this year is Saudi-Arabia. The competion was won by the artists Shadia Alem and Raja Alem


Bice Curiger, curator. Photo: iberner | nurart

Venice May 31st. Best show right at the beginning: Shadia Alem and Raja Alem for Saudi Arabia.

THE BLACK ARCH is the title of their work, closed in form like a precious jewel, an object of bundling energy and esthetic balance, floating through colourful space and sound projection, imagining the human being and his permanently inner moves in spirit and continuity. Such high equilibry is rare.


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