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Goldener Löwe Venice Biennale PDF Drucken

Deutscher Pavillon gewinnt Goldenen Löwen

Christof Schlingensiefs "Kirche der Angst" wird mit höchster Biennale-Ausszeichnung geehrt

Official Awards of the 54th International Art Exhibition:

Assigned by the Jury on the opening day, 4th June 2011 06 | 04 | 2011 ILLUMInazioni – ILLUMInations

The Jury of the 54th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia comprised of Hassan Khan (President, Egypt), Carol Yinghua Lu (China), Letizia Ragaglia (Italy), Christine Macel (France) and John Waters (USA) has decided to confer the awards as follows:

Golden Lion for Best National Participation to Germany Christoph Schlingensief (Pavilion at the Giardini) Commissioner: Susanne Gaensheimer

Golden Lion for the best artist at the ILLUMInations Exhibition to Christian Marclay (United States, 1955; on display at the Corderie, Arsenale) The Clock, 2010

Silver Lion for a promising young artist at the ILLUMInations Exhibition to Haroon Mirza (Great Britain, 1977; on display at the Corderie, Arsenale and at the Central Pavilion, Giardini)

The Jury has also decided to assign two Special Mentions:


Behind the White Curtain - Darius Mikšys - (Pavilion in town; Scuola S. Pasquale, Castello 278; Commissioner:Kestutis Kuizinas

Klara Lidén (Sweden, 1979; on display at the Arsenale) Untitled, (Trashcan), 2011.

The Awards Ceremony of the 54th International Art Exhibition took place today June 4th 2011 in the Giardini at noon. The Board of La Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, also awarded Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement under director Bice Curiger’s proposal to:


Born 1930 in Lakewood, Ohio, USA, lives and works in Paris. Her artistic career is unique and fascinating in developing an extremely coherent oeuvre literally in the “shadow” of the most important artistic experiments and movements of the twentieth century. Her works are raising questions about originality and authorship long before these topics have become intensely discussed in philosophy and literary theory.

Franz West

Born in Vienna in 1947, where he is currently based. He is one of the most important contemporary artists working in sculpture, but also in collage and installation. His earliest works were created around the idea of “Passstücke” (or “Adaptives”), small sculptures to be held by a person near the body to become “complete”. The interpretations of these sculptures were seen in between “neurosis” and “prostheses”. At the same time his works took up an aesthetic language aiming towards the vague and the decrepit, relating to discourses around the body, to psychoanalysis, literature and philosophy in an often grotesque and “messy” way.

The Awards presented by the Jury are:

Golden Lion for best National Participation to the German Pavilion. Christoph Schlingensief has developed a multi-disciplinary practice that is intense, committed, and possesses a strong personal vision. The jury would also like to praise the curatorial work of Susanne Gaensheimer.

Golden Lion for the best artist at the ILLUMInations Exhibition to Christian Marclay for his widely acclaimed work The Clock, Marclay has over the past 30 years made the boundaries between artistic forms and genres irrelevant. The Clock is definitely a masterpiece.

Silver Lion for a promising young artist at the ILLUMInations Exhibition toHaroon Mirza for the way his work immediately engages the viewer with its refreshing use of weakness and power.

A Special Mention goes to the Lithuanian Pavilion for its conceptually elegant, and productively ambiguous framing of a nation’s art history.

Another Special Mention is for Klara Lidén, a confirmation of the strength of her work, its wit and rage, as well as its ability to bring the logic of public intervention into the museum space.

Верховная Тройка прекратит свое существование Верховных останется только двое.

Лорд помнил это хорошо, поскольку его дел находился полностью в тени Марса и представлял собой очень величественное зрелище.

В джунгли пришло много "Мистика книги скачать бесплатно"охотников за нашими головами.

Твой отец тоже никак не мог поверить в то, что я умею шутить, Джей.

x x x Первое полнолуние после похода Эйрадис в пещеры под замком прошло, "Скачать песни олега газманова"но банши так и не удалось отвести девушку в потайные места, неизвестные простым смертным.

Вся структура "публичный доклад школы 2012" мироздания оказывается под "книга заклинаний читать" угрозой.

Не знаю, насколько опытными окажутся "краткое содержание человек невидимка уэллс" мои клиенты.

В Европе никогда не "интернет магазин автосигнализаций" слышали о таком государстве.

Надеюсь, "игры я ищу предметы играть" ты не ошибаешься, ответил "Непослушные звуки Ч-Ц (с наклейками)" Дортак, присел "мое сердце остановилось скачать песню" на корточки и опустил голову, потому "бесплатная rarmaradio скачать" что теперь "эдуард успенский произведения" ты вожак вожаков.

С тех "скачать драйвера на мониторы" пор я даже думаю цветными узорами.

Серый двуполый гигант шел сложным шагом Адского Танца.


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