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Hiwar in "Home of the Arts"

Darat al Funun is the "Home for the Arts", and Hiwar means conversation in Arabic.

Hiwar heißt Gespräch auf Arabisch.

Amman, Jordan 2013. Celebrating 25 years of supports for the arts, Darat al Funun organises conversations in Amman - "Hiwar" - in Arabic. For the  exhibition, residences and talks programme curator Adriano Pedrosa has brought artists from the Arab world, from Africa, Asia, Latin America for residences to Amman in September and October 2013, which is now culminating in an exhibition that opened November 9th. Born out of the necessity to promote artists from the margins they had the possibility for exchange experience.

Darat al Funun is a home for the Arts and the artists of Jordan and the Arab world. Overlooking the heart of Amman, Darat al Funun is housed in three traditional buildings of the 1920s, alongside the archaeological remains of a six century Byzantine church built over a Roman Temple, all restored for use. With its Arts, Architecture, Archaeology, Darat al Funun speaks of an enduring ancient legacy of urbanism, architecture and cultural identity that is now being enriched by a modern flowering of the visual arts. While the thrust of its programs maintains a constant focus on the visual arts, the Darat al Funun strives to be a haven for all the arts, where the public may experience the visual arts in harmony with other forms of self-expression.

In memory of Khalid Shoman, his wife and children have established the Khalid Shoman Foundation which will pursue his vision of a future renaissance in the Arab world. Khalid Shoman has been the patron of Darat al Funun since its inception in 1993. Now under the umbrella of the Khalid Shoman Foundation, Darat al Funun will intensify its mission, spreading awareness in the fields of the Arts, Architecture and Archaeology.The Khalid Shoman Foundation aims at being a haven for knowledge and progress, dedicated to the moral values which Khalid Shoman upheld throughout his life.

Darat al Funun
The Khalid Shoman Foundation

P.O.Box 5223
Amman 11183


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