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Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle’s work employs sound, imagery and sculptural form to
analyse perception and representation, particularly in relation to the history of
modernism and its socio-political legacies. 

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These include the use of technology,
systems of surveillance and control, and the shifting nature of identity in a
globalised world. The artist usually begins with an existing form, be it an object or
situation, and researches its history and development, as well as the complex
social, cultural, political and economic networks in which it is entangled. He often
collaborates with others in this process – scientists, architects, composers or
writers. Through a process of displacement into the arena of art, Manglano-Ovalle
draws our attention to the ways in which information is circulated and
manipulated, how history is represented through objects and images, and how
invisible or metaphysical forces shape contemporary life. These may be, as
curator James Rondeau has written, “time, space, atmosphere, weather,
geography and their attendant cultures of observation and documentation”.

I�igo Manglano-Ovalle
*1961 in Madrid (ES), lives in Chicago (US)
Exhibitions: Documenta 12, Kassel, 2007
Max Protetch Gallery, New York, 2006 (US);
3. Liverpool Biennale, 2004 (UK);
9. Venice Architecture Biennale, 2004 (IT)

Photos: Phantom Truck, 2007 � I�igo Manglano-Ovalle; photo Katrin Schilling / documenta GmbH
The Radio, 2007 � I�igo Manglano-Ovalle; photo Katrin Schilling / documenta GmbH


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