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Geschrieben von: Irmgard Berner   

Banksy on the Wall in Bethlehem

Grafiti artist Banksy uses Israel's security fence in Behtlehem as surface for his provocative pictures. And wants to make it "one of the largest pieces of art".

Bethlehem is a politically shaken space. The Birthplace of Jesus is divided by the huge concrete wall on which  Banksy leaves several of his mysterious signs. Soldiers and a donkey, a white dove wearing a flag-jacket, a gigantic camel. BBC caught sight of the traces guerilla-painter Banksy has sprayed on the massive wall amidst of check-points, holy places and deep conflicts.

Dim lights

Original title: MYSTERY GRAFFITI ARTIST *BANKSY* TAGS BIRTHPLACE OF JESUS (December 4th, 2007), BBC on youtube

Is it provocation or artistic freedom in a conflict-beaten open-space?

We in Berlin, of course, remember the Wall that divided the two Germanies, and we do remember all the grafiti that was sprayed on the Western side of the grey GDR-concrete during 28 years. And we do appreciate artists using this huge canvas for expressing their view on political, social and cultural conflicts that are empitomized  by such disjunctional masses. 



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